Monday, June 29, 2009

We're home in Denmark.

Hello beautiful people.

So as you might already know we've had some pretty rough days, but we're back from the tour know. A tour that has been, awesome, hard, sweet and bad. All the gigs we played were really great, and we were very surprised to see so many people at our gigs on this tour. It was really sad that Satan died on us on on the way to Madrid, and we are so so sad to have cancelled that gig along with Barcelona and Lyon. I'll tell you all about it. So......

On the 23rd we drove to Toulouse. It was fucking hot! Especially in Satan, where there is (was) no air-condition and only the two windows in the front can be opened. Really nasty shit. When we arrived in Toulouse we parked the van right next to small canal, cause the venue, Le Cri De La Mouette, was a boat! Awesome! We met with Stéphane, the promoter, who was a really great guy. He had made damn fine meal for us. There was rice, baguette and some awesome chicken cooked in soya, honey and onions. It tasted fantastic. We also met some swedish colleges, who were playing four gigs in France. They were called Television Keeps Us Apart, and were very good. Kind of a mix between The Postal Service, Handsome Furs and Placebo. Check them out! We played really late, so we were getting a bit tired (also because we had been on tour for two weeks by then, and only getting something like 4 hours of sleep each night). But we did our very best and everyone was really sweaty and salty after the gig. There was a great deal of people and a good response. They also really like my moustache, which of course made me happy. It's actually getting a little out of hand, so maybe I should shave it off soon. Yes or no?
We slepped at Stéphanes place, but by the time we went to sleep it was already 5 or something in the morning. Daniel and Gert slepped in the van, and by nine o'clock it was apparently so hot that they had to get out. 4 hours of sleep once again :-)

The next morning we drove to Pau, which only took two hours! Who hoo!! Upon arrival we were once again greeted by fantastic people, who had cooked for us, bought beers, chokolate, wine and everything! We were to play with two bands from England! One from London called 'Cherry, But No Cake' and 'Ox Capula' from Stoke On Trent. Really amazingly sweet people, just like the promoters, who are a collective called A Tant Rêver Du Roi. The night was awesome. There was a fantastic atmosphere, and everyone was just so nice to each other. There was whiskey, wine, champagne (one of the collective boys was celebrating his birthday!) and damn good beer! Stéphane the promoter (yes, alot of promoters in france are called Stéphane) was such a fantastic guy, and offered to book more shows for us next time. Oh yeah!

So the next morning we woke up at six, to drive the six hour drive to Madrid. It was actully a fantastic morning, driving from France to Spain is something you have to do at some point in your life. The sights are simply breathtaking. So after driving for like 4 hours, Lasse took over the driving from Daniel, Satan simply died. Michael Jackson simply told Death that he needed a vehicle and Death decided that Satan was the perfect car for Jackson. We were so nervous about not getting to Madrid in time. We hoped the mechanic would be able to fix Satan pretty easy, but the problem was just way to big. So, we got towed to Burgos and there our mechanic told us (in spanish!) that he wouldn't be able to fix the van untill a week later, and that it would cost much more than the van itself. We were shocked. All kinds of questions ran through our heads. What will we do? How do we get back home? How do we get the gear home? How do we play the rest of the shows? Did I forget my pillow in Luxembourg? We slepped at a hotel near Burgos and everyone was very low on spirit. We tried to cheer each other up with beers and ponche mixed with coke (ordinary coke), but it didn't help much. We called the lovely people of Fikasound and told them that we couldn't play in Madrid. If there is anything I hate it's cancelling gigs. Especially when promoters like Fikasound are doing fantastic promotion work. But shit happens, as Forrest, Forrest Gump once said.

So we decided to get a good nights sleep to deal with all the different tasks the day after. Before falling asleep I read in the news on the internet that my first hero in music, Michael Jackson, had died. What a sad day indeed.

The morning after everything started to look a bit brighter. We managed to rent two cars, so we could fit everything in our van. We also called a danish freight company, who agreed to take our stuff back with them to Denmark, but they needed the gear saturday morning, which meant we would have to cancel both our Barcelona gig and our Lyon gig, which was a huge pain in the ass. After thinking about that for a while, we decided that it was the way it should be, as we needed to be sure to get the gear back to Denmark, to be able to return to both Madrid, Barcelona and Lyon for the next tour in Europe. So, apart from cancelling three gigs, everything was starting to look brighter. We really wanted to make the gig in Manresa, so when we got our rental-cars we stepped on the gas and drove with 150 km an hour to make it! We got there 22:30 and just in time to set up our gear! It was really important to us to play that gig, cause it made us feel like we did everything in our power not to cancel more gigs than necessary, and that we could play a gig knowing that it would be the end of the tour, instead of going home and being totally bummed out by cancelling all the rest of the tour. And the gig was great, we played with some wonderful people from a band called Delivery, and a very dedicated listener, called Antonio, travelled all the way from Madrid to Manresa to see us. He was so nice to us, and brought us rum, liquorish and cookies! Totally yes! We didn't play our best and the sound could have been better, but we had an enthusiastic crowd who got us to play an encore. After the gig Gert and Delivery played frisbee outside the venue, but kept their shirts on! The food was absoloutly fantastic and the owner of the bar, Eduard, was so kind to us. He gave us a lot of great food, took us home to his place, gave us spanish schnaps and a lot of gin & Tonic! We got drunk and went to bed around 6 o'clock and woke up around 10.

The next morning was the most stressful moment of the tour! We phoned the freight-company and they told us we had to deliver the gear latest at 12 o'clock! If not, we wouldn't be able to get our gear back home! And we had to get the gear from the venue... We simply ran to the car, Eduard threw some croissants, bread and juice after us and we drove like crazy to the venue to pack the gear. We made it to the warehouse, to unload the gear, but were 20 minutes late. The good man, called Ib, greeted us and was in a fantastic mood! He spent an hour telling us about when he used to drive King Diamond when he was on tour, and also about Staus Quo, and how we should get them to write us a hit single. Amazing.

We drove to Barcelona and spent the day with Antonio eating Paella, drinking some beer and walking around. Antonio said goodbye, but not before buying us a bottle of Ponche! At the airport we got kinda drunk and I ate the worst meal of the whole tour. I got two hours of sleep on the hard floor of the airport. Everyone was completely wasted when we checked in. For me the flight back was terrible, but then again I just hate flying. Lasse slepped and during his sleep he totally looked like an evil wizard from Lord Of The Rings, and like he wanted to eat me or Martin. Guess we were quite lucky that he was asleep. So we tried to stay quiet.

So we're back in Denmark and if you've followed the tour diary, you'll know that there have been ups and downs, although mostly ups. If you didn't see us on the tour, you can download this session we did for Planet Claire in France. Hope you like it!

OK. Tomorrow I will head to Roskilde Festival with my girlfriend. Gert and Martin will be there as well and I know it will be awesome. Daniel might be coming there for the saturday. Lasse will be going to the US to explore for a month with his girlfriend. The rest of us will be working on some choir for the next album. Can't wait to get it done and show y'all.

OK. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some nasty details from Roskilde Festival.

Much love,
Snævar and the everyday, normal Mimas crew!

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