Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008.

Wow. So that was 2008. What a year...

So many things happened I don't really know where to start...

This very blog began it's existence in january and has about 135 posts this far... Some of them have been relevant news, others have been recommendations, whilse most of them have been total rubbish and non-sense. We thank the faithful readers for staying with us. Thank you, we love you in the not so very homosexual way. We also finished the recordings of our album in January. A recording process that almost took a year in itself, because in real life we can't play our instruments.

We spent most of february mixing the album and horsing around and playing foozball, or table football.

In march we finalized the sound of the record by mastering it with Morten Bue. He reminds me a little bit of the pig from looney tunes, but is much nicer and knows how to turn buttons! We supported the great Menomena at Voxhall was another highlight for us. A really great band filled with a lot of great guys. No one scored.

We played with the very nice people from Cats and Cats and Cats in April and made good friends with their records label Big Scary Monsters by sending them homevideos of us posing and some homemade cookies. These manoeuvres of ours resulted in them putting our song Cats On Fire on a beautiful compilation called 50 Not Out featuring some incredible bands such as Maps And Atlases, This Town Needs Guns, Pennines, Marvins Revolt, Anathallo, Blakfish, Copy Haho, Jeniferever, Jonquil, Richard Walters, Rolo Tomassi, Sam Isaac, Tubelord and Yndi Halda to name a few. Kev from BSM would love me if I told you that you'll get a free copy of this compilation when you order a CD from the BSM shop. But I'm not going to do that, that would just be to low.

May was awesome for us. First of all we supported one of our collective favorite bands Why? in Copenhagen, and it was really great fun. Although running out of gas on the way home and me and Gert running several miles after more wasn't the best fun I've had in years. Looking back on that I can almost smile, but definitely not laugh. We took a short trip to the great England and played a couple of shows. One with our good friends Lakes where we played in front of them, Martin, Edd from Prego, Carlos, the staff and a drunk. Really good fun! Oxford the day after was filled with strangers on the other hand. We supported the beautiful This Town Needs Guns. Was a great and important night, mostly because of the very cheap Fosters they serve at The Cellar... We also supported Jeniferever in Århus and told them they have to eat more burgers!

In June we enjoyed the summer and ate a lot of ice cream. We ate different ones and we also recieved an E-mail from Kevin Douch aka Mr. Big Scary Monsters Records telling us that thay wanted to sign Mimas and make us famous and give is millions of dollars and pounds. Our reaction was of course to buy some more ice cream and eat it and then going to Rosilde Festival to get severely hammered. Seriously though, this was very important to us. And so is ice cream.

The Silent Ballet wanted Cats On Fire so bad that they put it on their digital compilation in july! It helped very much, and was downloaded by millions of people all over the universe. Pretty cool, huh? We were busy as hell creating a video for Cats On Fire, which you've all seen by now. Satan, our beloved van got stolen and was used in a robbery... I am beginning to think that the van is pure evil. Kind of like the little girl in The Exorcist, just more like a big van insted of a girl body. This far the has broken down a number of times, been stolen and has been spray-painted on. It just never stops. We wrote some new songs inspired by Satan: Rotting Rodents, Touring The Riot Scene and Sodapop Stalkers.

In august we finally signed to Big Scary Monsters Records! On the 31st we took the ferry to good ol' England.

September we toured in England for two weeks. So many great gigs, so many good bands, so many nice people, so many floors to sleep on, so much junk food, so many salt and vinegar crisps, so many bad jokes, so many deadlines, so many soundcheck, so many miles, so little sleep. It was all awesome. Seriously enjoyed a lot of the cities such as Oxford, London, Norwich, Ipswich (yes, it actually rocked), Southampton, Bolton (yes, they did too. I will never forget us being rather drunk and playing our ass off while climbing monitors and drinking till 3 am, then taking a taxi home with one of the promoter who was so pissed, she couldn't find her way to their home! The next day we played football on a huge field, so it was all good) Southampton, Brighton and Birmingham. We really have to thank the cool bands we got the chance to play with: Crowns On The Rats Orchestra, This Town Needs Guns, Pennines, Colour, Everyone To The Anderson, Lebanons, The Great Eschimo Hoax, Kumiss, Ute and the other band from Oxford who broke up and lots more I can't remember now, sorry. Thanks to all the people who came to see us! You're the best. We'll be back soon. Biggest thanks goes to Edd Simpson. We we're also in 1st place at Soundvenues High 5 list for two weeks in a row! We released the video for Cats On Fire and The Worries was chosen as the album of the week at a Spanish FM radio station.

October! We released our album in the UK! It got really great reviews! Why? I don't know. We got a feature in Rock Sound and nice review of our album. Sweet...

In november we signed to yet another really good independent label. This one is called Distile Records and is based in Paris. They will release The Worries in Europe in february 2009, and guess what, the album will be pressed as a digipack! The label is also lining up a really nice european tour in june 2009. Distile Records rock! Danish magazine Gaffa was really nice to us and gave our album a good review

December has been great. We've written some new songs and have just about six new songs to record. We'll probably start recording in february, and we can't wait! We played a really cool christmas party and again followed by nice words from Gaffa. We recorded a cover of This Town Needs Guns and will be releasing it on Big Scary Monsters very soon.

So all in all it's been a pretty productive year! Beside all this, things have been happening! I became a father to the most beautiful girl in May, USA elected a black president, which means we'll be getting rid of the republicans, finally. The world is in recession, but seems like most people still are enjoying life! And that's most important.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Do you read italian?!

Yes you do! Read this nice review!

And watch this nice video!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Do you want to listen to a new Mimas song???

This has been copy/pasted from our myspace. Lazy...!

Hey guys. It's christmas! And we want to give you a little present. On the 24th and 25th of december you'll be able to stream a demo of one of our new songs called 'Smom'. We recorded most of it live in our rehearsel room. We hope you enjoy it!

Have a merry christmas!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Can and String...

... says The Worries is in there top 3 albums of 2008.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The sweetest boy alive.

A bit bored. Recording.... boring

Trommer i kassen!

The title for this post is in danish. It means that the drums are in the box! And that means that Lasse just nailed the drums for our weird version of This Town Needs Guns classic hit '26 Is Dancier Than 4'! Gert is doing his baslines while I am typing these words. It's gonna be crazy!

You didn't hear it from me, but I've heard that Mimas might just put some kind of a christmas present on their myspace on the 24th! WHUUT?!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh yeah, bitch!

Dizzle hizzle.

Thanks to the people who showed up saturday. We played some really cool mistakes, but hey, everyone survived! We enjoyed it. Apart from the bad sound onstage and apparently the bad sound everywhere else. We got a nice review from the nice people at nice Gaffa. Nice!

Has everyone bought all their christmas presents yet? I havn't and I am going to hate to do it. Can't very well use the financial crisis as an excuse not to do it since everyone will be buying me gifts. Everyone!

Does anyone want to go to a blur gig with me soon?


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas presents?

People! It's almost christmas! We decided to make you an offer you can't refuse.

You get:

1 x Hands Will Carry EP
1 x Mimas T-shirt
1 x Nice christmas cookies
1 x A little christmas note made by Mimas

You give:

€20 Euro/17 pounds/150 Kr! Including shipping!

Not Bad?!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey everyone. We'll be playing a gig in Århus this saturday, and as always we'd love to see you there for some nice headbanging and devilhorns. Or just some friendly conersation and more or less good music. We'll be selling our T-shirts there (there are only 30 left and we will not be pressing them again. If you want one, buy here at our myspace).

We'll be playing a new song on saturday called SMOM. It's about all the stepmothers that have been whores and have had sex with both father and sons. Sorry to surprise you!

I hope everyone is well in these juletides.


The X-mas party was very crazy...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas party!

We've just started our annual X-mas party! It's going to be crazy! Us, Kenn, Andreas and Martin will be getting really drunk and eating herring, meatballs, and drinking a lot SNAPS!

Here is a vid from the party last year!