Saturday, January 26, 2008

Getting drunk in Århus..

We'll be getting drunk tonight at Voxhall. We'd like to challenge you all in fooball! So bring it on! (Chances are you'll win, cause Lasse and I will be sharing this bottle of Hansen rum..)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hi you!

Gert and I are creating some fire out of cardboard and paint, which we are going to use for some photoshoots... without saying too much, I'm not going to say more.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Choir and screams

And that was it! All the tracks for the forthcoming album are now recorded. We did all the choir and scream parts today, and it went very well, thank you. We've been thinking about putting some strings on Dr. phils retirement, but you didn't hear it from me. We'll keep you updated.

We start mixing in the beginning of February and will be done by two weeks. We hope you guys can wait a little longer, although you've been waiting for some time now! Good thing we're not the only band around! Which reminds me; remember to check Menomena out. We are going to support them here in Århus at Voxhall on March 6th. They are amazing! Here is a link:

MP3: Menomena: 'E is stable'



I want to tell everyone reading this to go buy a copy of the new Beirut CD The Flying Club Cup. It is a fantastic piece of music. GET IT!

And YAY. Iron & Wine is playing in Aarhus tonight :-D


Sunday, January 20, 2008

If you'd like to see Mimas live

Go to these places on the right time:

Musikcaféen - Århus DK - January 31st
Kansas City - Odense DK - March 22nd
Lades Kælder - Copenhagen - April 17th

We hope to see you!

Sunday evening..

I've just been watching some of the X-files episodes from season 5, which made me log on to to catch up on some rumours about the new X-files movie. Chris Carter, who cowrote and directs the movie said recently: "This is really a continuation of the series, imagining how the characters' lives have evolved," explains Carter, who cowrote and is directing the movie. "It's a stand-alone story that owes everything to the series, but not the mythology of the series. What we'll be dealing with is government-based as far as the conspiracy goes, but expect this not to be a revisitation [of the show's convoluted conspiracy.]" As a fan of the series I am very exited about this!

Well. Enough jabber from me. Bandwise we'll be doing some choir stuff tomorrow. This is the last thing we'll be recording! We'll start mixing in the beginning of February. Yessss.....


We think we're interesting!

Well maybe not. But considering that many people who aren´t necessarily interesting have blogs, we might as well have one. Perhaps it's just to spend time on something when we aren´t updating our own hompage.. or our myspace... or our facebook group... This is getting embarrassing isn't it? Well, who cares! We'll try for everybodies sake to write something interesting once in a while, but no promises!

Three cheers for the internet.