Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last post january 2009! Back to England!

Yo fuckers!

We're going to England in August to play Rapturefest, and will do two other gigs as well. We start in Oxford and play at The Cellar on the 13th with the amazing Shapes! On the 14th we'll probably play in London and then Rapturefest on the 15th. It's held in Reading at The Face Bar.


Oh! We were all drunk at Uzi & Ari yesterday and Martin managed to get puked on at the end of the night! Wiiiiild! Although he lost his cardigan he has a hell of a story to tell now!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Kindergarden Cop, The Terminator, Total Recall and THE TERMINATOR!

Wow, shit! Gig in Århus tomorrow just confirmed!

I'm not kidding. We'll be playing at Studenterhuset tomorrow at 10 pm. Another band has cancelled, so they called ghostbusters!

Hope to see SOMEONE there!

BSM '09 collection!

A message from our lovely record label:

We're delighted to announce the launch of our '2009 Collection', a series of four compilation CDs featuring new, rare, unreleased, live and remixed tracks from the BSM roster. Each CD is limited to just 365 date stamped copies and will be released seasonally, with the Spring Collection kicking things off in February. The compilations will be sold separately for £5 each or you can subscribe to the whole series for £15 and receive a free collectors edition tin to hold all of the discs (photos coming soon), as well as other gifts and promotions through the course of the year.

Spring Collection is now available to pre-order and features 14 tracks including Mimas performing a wonderful cover of This Town Needs Guns hit, '26 Is Dancier Than 4', who return with 'Japanese Ultra Violence', a track which is previously unreleased in the UK. Other highlights include a massive dance remix of Pulled Apart By Horses, an exclusive album demo from Blakfish (as well as a track featuring members of the band singing a 'lounge' medley of Tubelord songs down the phone!), a brilliant old demo recording from Meet Me In St Louis, album/EP tracks from new boys Copy Haho, Wintermute and The Tupolev Ghost and loads more. As an added bonus, there are also two live videos including PABH and Blakfish playing some massive covers at a house party back in December. Most of these recordings won't be found anywhere else.

When purchasing/subscribing, let us know your preferred date and we'll do our best to stamp your CD(s) accordingly. The 'Summer Collection' will be released in May so look out for news and tracklistings for that one nearer the time.

Spring Collection (ETA: Feb)

01. Copy Haho - Pulling Push-Ups (EP track)
02. Greatest Hitz - Drink Up And Good Health (Sam Blakfish solo track)
03. Mimas - 26 Is Danish For 4 (unreleased TTNG cover)
04. Pulled Apart By Horses - I Punched A Lion In The Throat (Richmanu remix - unreleased)
05. The Tupolev Ghost - Diagrams (currently unreleased demo)
06. Shoes And Socks Off - Throwing Opinions At Walls (unreleased The Robot Vs cover)
07. Wintermute - Bad Company In A Sauna (currently unreleased album track)
08. Native - What Are You Dylan In My House? (unreleased in the UK)
09. Shapes - The Escapologist (unreleased demo)
10. This Town Needs Guns - Japanese Ultra-Violence (unreleased in the UK)
11. Boat To Row - Autumn Glow (unreleased demo)
12. Meet Me In St Louis - Corey Feldman (long sold out demo track)
13. Blakfish - Shit On My Face And Tell Me I'm Simon Cowell (unreleased album demo)
14. Colourfish - Tubelounge (unreleased phone recording)
15. Pulled Apart By Horses - The Crapsons (live video)
16. BSM House Party video - Blakfish and PABH playing live covers

Farewell to a friend.

Hello everyone.

We just got some news from england that our favorite main cat, Oscar, has passed away. We'd like to thank him for all the good times he has shown us in the great city of Norwich. Mimas fan number one!

Rest in peace, Oscar.

The Mimas boys

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Review at Undertoner

Yo, people! Read a really nice review of our album at It's in danish though! This is a review I agree with, so that's great!

We were all at Gerts place yesterday, he has just finished his education! So we got really drunk and listened to crap music. He served lamb with all kinds of stuff with it, and there was a lot of garlic in it! So today at practise everyones farts smelled really bad...! But the food was so good. He also made a peanut-brownie which was exellent aswell! Nice and heavy...! We wrote him a song which we will post here on the blog in a couple of days.

Hope people are well.


PS: Daniel, it was me who posted the blog on English Breakfast... I need some...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Organgrinder review

There are some nice, danish words to read about The Worries here at the Organgrinder blog.

Thanks Torben.

Oh, and we practised today as a four-piece for the first time this year, and it was great! We've got 7 new songs we want to record for you soon...!


Andreas when he VJ's Mac, Get Your Gear

This is the initial version that I made for Mimas' song; Mac get your gear on. I've VeeJayed almost the same all this time, and now that I'm making changes I just wanted to make this recording. Sorry it's so bad quality, I don't have a screen cap app, so this was done on my Nokia n95.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bashed by The Silent Ballet!

I guess I better stop doing vocals, eh?!

The SIlent Ballet:

Score: 5/10

It takes balls to name your group after a giant, but that’s what these not-so-great Danes have done. The Worries is an apt title for this disk, because after listening to the album I have many worries – worries about their talent, worries about their judgment, and most especially, worries about their vocals.

Here at The Silent Ballet, we love instrumental post-rock, and, although some may pigeonhole us because of this, we actually don’t mind vocals if they are unobtrusive and/or well done. Many excellent groups have enhanced their albums with judiciously-placed lyrics or sound samples, and occasionally we encounter a singer who blows us away with tender inflection or remarkable range.

Neither is the case with Mimas. Snævar Albertsson has an odd inflection, a tendency to slip into falsetto at inappropriate moments, and the lyrics range from distractingly cute to horrifyingly awry. The most grating example arrives on “Dads,” right after a four-minute trumpet solo: “The smell, the sweat and the deodorant, the doctor’s recommendations, the friends they smell even worse, even worse than my armpits, armpits, and the worries, and my armpits, my armpits.” Not sure how The Village Voice missed this one, but it definitely deserves to be in the “Worst Lyrics of 2008” bracket.

At other times, Mimas approaches Spinal Tap territory, with earnest choruses designed to be sung in a crowded stadium of dweebs, dorks and dimwits: “The ro-bot, the ro-o-o-bot, the ro-bot won’t stop you” is repeated ad infinitum against a growing backdrop, ending with a self-indulgent a cappella, in “Treehouse.” The last time through, the chorus ends with the word, “stop.” Clever, eh?

Then there’s the problem of influences. The album’s best riff is found in the opening moments of “Why In the World Not?”, but the riff works because it is familiar; those immersed in the genre may be able to place the source. Likewise the inflection on “Dr. Phil’s Retirement,” a clear homage/ripoff of Her Name Is Calla's “Condor and River.” When Albertsson sings, “Good news to all, our son died last fall,” it’s not entirely clear if we are supposed to be sad or amused – which is certainly problematic. At least “Why In the World Not?” has the decency to close with a chorus of “La’s,” sparing us the cringe factor.

The maddening thing about The Worries is that the instrumentation is decent throughout, so the album cannot be altogether dismissed. The trumpet on closer “Beneath the Glad Sunbeam” is a welcome respite, and garners a host of good feelings. That is, until the vocals once again rear their ugly head. The first lyrics after a wondrous multi-guitar build: “His hands smelled of meat.”

There’s a simple solution: the singer is also the band’s trumpet player, and one can’t do both at once – so why not substitute the brass for the brash? Mimas has the potential to become a major player in the post-rock instrumental scene, and they’re only one big change away.

-Richard Allen

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Please help us.

Here is a little piece from a new thing we're working on.

Can you come up with a good song title for this. The song is about shaving. If we like your idea well, then the song will have a name!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gig in Århus

Hey loves.

We're gonna play a concert at Voxhall in Århus. Best venue after the Norwich Arts Centre. This will be the release of a completely new, free music magazine in Århus! Awesome. We, Maria Timm (Ex-Broken Beats and Marybell Katastrophy) and Green Lives (demo of the month in GAFFA) will be performing and the gig is 100% free. 100% people!

Daniel is sick today, send him a greeting. Get well man.



Gerts drawing..

Got it of his facebook! Mwhu haha!


Gert, where can we find this amazing KoRn track of yours?

Please tell me.


a nightmare of korn

hello guys.

It´s amazing! I just heard the first good korn track sins swollow mcfeast´er. It´s a track from nightmare before christmas revisited where they play "kidnap the sandy claws". you can actually sens some effort. congratulations korn.
ps. korn is like doing homework.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Almost 50.000 plays!

Hurrah. I love myspace.

news from the gert

hello, watchers and readers. I drew a cartoon for my repport the other day, and I want to share it with the world. so here it is.
It´s about fishing boats and yeast.

okey. that did´nt work, so insted I will tell you about my day: I got this phone call. It was a woman and she told me that they needed me for a job. hurrah.

I´d just tried uploading the cartoon again, but no luck. sorry.

ps. remeber to buy the new animal collective album!

love from gert

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nothing interesting

Hey everybody. We don´t have anything interesting to tell you today, so instead we´ll tell you a little about our past. Snævar used to play in a kashmir cover band, Gert played in something called Kom2ode, Daniel was the lead singer in a glam rock band called who´s in the house, and I was a member of the parlement.
If you have anything more interesting to tell about your life, then just do it..... Nike.

Here´s a video of something something in the month of may.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fighting a cold..

I've been having a stinking cold since christmas, and it's driving me mad! Today I'll be trying to get some sort of work done, don't know what just yet. If you have any ideas let me know. My internet connection is shit, so I'll probably just end up watching an old horror movie.

I hope you've had a great 2009 this far!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I forgot to tell you guys....!

You've probably not bought our album, and in that case you should download the december edition of the BSM podcast! In that podcast you'll find our song Dr. Phils Retirement amongst songs by totally amazing bands.

Treat yourself!