Monday, September 29, 2008

Mimas in Spanish Radio?

I wouldn't have guessed! Spanish radio station 'Canal Extremadura Radio' has a program called Cielo Liquido and they just made 'The Worries' the album of the week.

Oh by the way... That album (yes, The Worries) is out soon on BSM records...


Sunday, September 28, 2008


We love statistics!

Apparently you english people like us more than the danes.

43% af all the visits on this blog come from the UK.
33% of the visits come from our home country Denmark.
Snævars family have also been watching closely, 11% of the visits are from Iceland, YEAH!

Thanks for reading our non-sense!

Here is a photo of Daniel this morning.

Monday, September 22, 2008

There is an idiot in my TV

Er vi bange for 'de fremmede'?


Friday, September 19, 2008

All this posting is just ridicules!

But I guess there's enough stuff to post.

We just wanted to tell you that Mimas is on this months BSM podcast! Cats On Fire and an interview. You'll also find an interview with the amazing This Town Needs Guns and a couple of their new songs, as well as some awesome others. Get it here!

We hope you like it, like it, like it!

Also. In a couple of minutes you'll be able to listen to the album version of Treehouse at our myspace! Just have to upload it!

We hope you like it! (I'm very tired)

I think that was it... think so..


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mimas interview.

For those who are interested, Norwich-based WombatWombat had a chance to interview us before our gig in Norwich on September 12th (yes, the same date Metallica released their new album...) Here goes:

Cheesy icebreaker, what’s your favourite vegetable?

Snævar: Name of my favourite vegetable, I’d say squash.

Daniel: Cucumber

Gert: I don’t get it, urm. French fries.

Lasse: Guess I have to go with peas.

This is the last date on the tour, how’s it been?

Daniel: It’s been fantastic; yeah this is the 11th date in 11 days.

You played Ipswich yesterday?

Daniel: Yeah, so it’s been pretty hectic going around the country in 11 days. It’s been very nice. Very, very good.

Favourite stop along the way?

Daniel: Norwich?

Snævar: A couple of highlights, the Camden barfly was sold out and it was a very nice line up, another highlight was probably Ipswich yesterday at the swan, it was very small pub, we just played on the floor. But there were lots of people and they were very enthusiastic. It’s a very intimate venue; you get close to the audience so it’s easy to make contact.

Journalists and critics use phrases like ‘the glacial cathedral-esque currents’ or ‘arching almost desperate sounding guitars’ to describe you. My own effort ‘Death Defying Stunt Pop’!

Lasse: Nice one

Daniel: That’s a pretty good one.

Do you worry too much about trying to conform to a sound, or are you more laid back in the way you create music?

Snævar: In the way we create music we are very laid back. We just jam and songs come up and we work on them until it’s a complete song. So it pretty much just happens.

Daniel: Usually they end up being 30 minutes long so we narrow them down.
So you’re not too worried about having sonic cathedrals of noise?

Daniel: No not at all, we just play what we play.

Snævar: I mean we are not trying to not do verse/chorus/verse/chorus songs. We’d probably do that at some point and then it’s just that. It’s just how it works out.

You seem to draw influence from Iceland? Coincidence or for a reason? (I haven’t done my research and don’t realise Sneavar is from Iceland).

Snævar: I am from Iceland. So it’s pretty natural then!

So do you as a band draw off that link at all?

Snævar: not really, they have good bands. I guess in the early days, the ‘hands will carry’ days. We were rather more inspired by post rock and stuff like Sigur Ros from Iceland, Mogwai from Scotland, stuff like that. We were quite similar to those bands, but we think we have evolved a lot away from that to become more direct.

Gert: There is a lot of influence from Canada and the states now, like animal collective.

What do you think of Alphabeat? Are they good ambassadors for Danish music?

Snævar: I’ve never listened to a whole song of theirs!

Gert: I saw a concert once.

Snævar: You did?

Gert: Yeah, it was urm; Different!

(At this point another band walks in and then quickly leaves apologising!)

If I said ‘I’m seeing a Danish band tonight’ a lot of people from England would make the link to Alphabeat! Is that good or bad?

Daniel: It’s both

Gert: If you ask us it’s a bad thing, asking the rest of Denmark, it’s a good thing.

Daniel: If you hear that we are from Denmark and you expect Alphabeat, you’d be pretty much wrong. But the name Denmark, it gets into peoples faces which is good because most people thing Copenhagen is the capitol of Sweden or whatever.

Lasse: It’s pretty much like when Aqua became big, that gave Denmark a lot of attention. And other bands that weren’t like Aqua at all also got some attention and the same thing is happening with Alphabeat. We are no way in the same genre as Alphabeat though.

How about Mew?

Lasse: That would be closer!

Daniel: Mew are fantastic so yeah!

Snævar: I think maybe concerning Alphabeat, its ok maybe that people know them. We’re just happy to show people there is lots of different stuff coming from Denmark.

‘Mac, get your gear’ is in my top ten greatest songs ever written! It has the most plays on my iTunes next to British Sea Power and Sigur Ros. You beat them!

All: cooool

Are you aware of how bloody brilliant that song is? Or is it just another song?

Daniel: I think you’ve just told us. I think we are aware of the fact that it’s the most straight forward appealing radio friendly song that we’ve written so far.

Snævar: We love to play it!

Daniel: It fits in perfectly with the other songs.

Mimas is a moon of Saturn, a data centre at the University of Manchester and the son of a Trojan in Greek mythology. So which is it? And who is the geek?

Daniel: It’s all of them.

Snævar: I think I kind of texted the others, and no one protested the name.

Daniel: I guess the moon of Saturn looks like the death star so that’s pretty cool.

So you’re the geek? It’s not a bad thing!

Daniel: There is nothing wrong with being a geek!

Do you have a master plan for galactic domination? Or are you going where the musical wind blows you?

Snævar: It’s a bit of where people take us actually; we’ve just gotten in touch with a French label which might open some doors to the rest of Europe and maybe the states and so on.

Lasse: Basically we are trying to go as far as possible, as far as the music will take us and as far as the audience wants us to go. Because the ultimate goal, would be to do this for a full time job.

Snævar: We don’t make any money really band wise, in England when we tour here, the fees we are getting are very low compared to the rest of Europe. But the audience make up for it. In Denmark almost every venue gets some support from the government, which means they actually have to pay bands.

Have you always written in English? Or was there a previous incarnation of the band that sang in Danish, or Icelandic?

Snævar: We had one song that was kind of before the band that was in Icelandic. We had two songs very early on that were in Danish. But I don’t really want to write in Icelandic or Danish, it feels in a way a bit more natural to do it in English I don’t know if it’s because the bands I listen to sing in English or something?

Does music sang in English sell in Denmark?

Daniel: Not our kind of music

Gert: It’s very normal to sing in English in Denmark.

Daniel: It’s been a bit more normal to sing in Danish the last couple of years, but basically people sing in English.

Snævar: But I think the English language is better suited for singing than Danish. You can write some interesting things in Danish, but we are also aware of the international potential, obviously you have Sigur Ros who can do it without singing in English, but not many bands can do that!

Work or Play?

Unanimous play!

Beer or wine?

All: Beer…

Daniel: And wine…

Lasse: Can you put on an extra whisky instead?

Snævar: And rum on there too?

Childhood or teenage years?

Snævar: I’d say childhood personally.

Daniel: I’d say it’s teenage.

Lasse: From my personality it must be my childhood, but for the music it’s teenage years because that was when I found music!

Gert: I’m refusing to answer!

Lasse: He’s still a child!

Daniel: How about tildhood or cheenage?

Are Mimas big drinkers?

Snævar: I think we were very big drinkers!

Lasse: We are but not when we are playing.

What are you favourite drinks?

Lasse: Whisky

Snævar: Rum

Daniel: White Russian

Gert: I’m on the rum.

Finally another ‘Mac, Get Your Gear’ question…. Who is Mac? And who shot the dog?

Snævar: That’s the main character in the movie, The Thing, which you have to see. The crazy Norwegians shot the dog because they were petrified because of this alien life form. The dog is actually the alien, and he imitates other life forms.

And no one trusts anyone? (‘Mac’ lyrics)

All: Yeah!

Snævar: It’s basically just the lyrics isn’t it? We actually wrote an ending to it, It doesn’t end the way the lyrics do, so it’s kind of nice to put your own touch there. It’s an open ending!

Gert: There is another part in the movie where he pours his whisky on the computer because it beats him at chess. That’s a very good part but we couldn’t fit it in!

Thank you very much Mimas!

Do you want your picture on our official site?

Hey all!

We've just put our T-shirts to sale on our website. If you already own one, or if you buy one of us now and send us a picture of you in it, we'll upload the picture to our 'People wearing cool T-shirts' section at our official website! Cool, huh?

Only American Apparel.

Edd from UK rock band Prego loves his!

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See you

Cats on Fire video on Rock Sound blog.

Nice one!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The video for Cats on Fire is here!

Hey people!

The video for Cats On Fire is here! Andreas Steen Sørensen made this amazing video with the help of Mimas, who created a city of cardboard and some very angry bank robbers out of socks! Have a look and tell us what you think!

Speak soon,

Monday, September 15, 2008

People say the nicest things...!

We just got a review of The Worries. 10/10 thank you very much.

The 405

or read here:

Heads up all you indie kids that fell in love with post-rock because Mimas have gone and made you the album of the year. As beautifully uplifting as Sigur Ros, as technically stunning as Do Make Say Think, as dynamic and engaging as Explosions in the Sky. Mimas manage to accomplish this whilst maintaining an energetic accessible sound that is instantly lovable and so obviously their own.

From the moment the guitars ease in through the opening bass drone of “Treehouse” you feel that you are listening to something special, something different. Then tortured yet somehow playful sounding vocals add intensity and depth before drifting away into a slick off kilter guitar line. As the song swells and begins to build again the whole band start to sing along, while horns fill in the gaps, you can feel the goosebumps raising as the song really takes off… But this is just the begining.

Treehouse is followed by the magnificent “Mac, get your gear” Which, after breaking into a dancefloor friendly “na na na” chant, features one of the most euphoric crescendos i’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Then “Dads” begins all strutting and funky, taking a life of its own, before reducing itself down to ambient sounds and a trumpet. Only to build again in a different direction using playful lyrics like root notes, allowing your own thoughts to grow from them entwined with the music. It is truly something to behold, you really need the static noise of “Fangs” for breathing space, to contemplate where you have just been taken.

Rising from this comes “Why in the world not?” which existing fans will know from the excellent Hands Will Carry EP. Sometimes when a band re-records material they manage to lose the something that made you fall in love with it in the first place. Not on this record. Now its even more intense, its even more beautiful, obviously benefitting from its frequent live outings. This is the case with all the songs that have been re-recorded for the album. “Cats On Fire” imparticularly stands out. The intricate guitars sound crisper, the bass warmer and when it takes off it sounds even bigger. Its a song that you can’t help but fall in love with.

“Dr Phil’s Retirement” see’s Mimas reach their most aggressive, check out the roar a couple of minutes in… They fit and lurch through telling the rest of the story and its perfectly tempered with ”Keep Quiet” one of the many highlights of the album. Layering simple jigsaw puzzle guitars, it is restrained and beautiful, leading into a tender heartfelt singalong and a crushing ending that could grace any movie’s credits.

Mimas say on their myspace page that they are gentle lovers, and I for one believe them, they never rush you to a climax. Throughout ”The Worries” they allow time for the melody to come alive, breath, and then bore its way into your brain before really taking hold of you.

They have made an album that is both epic in its sound, and its scale, yet full of beautifully accessible pop charm. Its dense, but not a challenge to listen to, but that is not to say it isn’t challenging if you take the time to delve deeper into the songs. The Worries is a cohesive piece of music from start to finish, technically astute, with no weak points, hell, i’m pretty sure every note on it is perfect. It bridges the gap between post-rock and pop perfectly, in such a way that I am comfortable recomending it to both my hipster friends and my crazy Aunt. Unusually for a post rock band in 2008 they boast a sound that is recognisable as their own, they are adding real life to what is becoming a tired and generic genre and they are doing it with a smile on their face.

Simply put, ”The Worries” is a masterpiece that i cannot do justice with my words, just buy it and prepare to fall in love.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

BBQ at the Simpsons!

As you might know, we have a very good friend named Edd Simpson. He plays in the band Prego. Today we are staying at Edds parents place and they are treating us so nicely. We're just about to have a nice BBQ. What a way to end a great tour in the UK. We take the ferry back today at 6pm. It will be very nice to see girlfriends and families when we return.

Edds parents have two other sons, Charlie and Will. Will plays in the band Brigade and Charlie plays in Fightstar. He used to be in Busted, and here is their parents collection!

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Monday, September 8, 2008

On tour!

Hey guys.

We're in Wolverhampton right now, resting, drinking coffee, checking E-mail. We're staying with Raya from It's just Noise and her friends. Very nice people. She put us on yesterday in Birmingham, which was really nice. And you should probablt check out The Great Eskimo Hoax on myspace. They did a great job.

It has been a good tour this far. i can't really be bothered to tell you more about at the moment, cause I'm so tires. But two new things we've learned on this tour is 'Safe as Fuck' and 'Cuntfish'.

We hope you're all well.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tour diary 1 - Guest blog by Andreas

Well, we all arrived safely in London, had our first full English breakfast and played the first show. Since we all arrived a good full day before the first show the anticipation was high, but since it isn't the first time in the UK for Mimas, we quickly got into the routine. Schwarzenegger qoutes, fart jokes, lots of coca cola and some tricky navigation through all the narrow one-way streets of London.

BSM (Big Scary Monster) had setup a great evening at The Barfly, four bands; Colours, Mimas, Pennines, and This Town Needs Guns. The show was great, there were lots and lots of people and everyone seemed to really enjoy the evening. Though the venue turned into a bloody sauna very quickly, and like Gert said, "Thats just a good thing as it is because of all the people who've come to see us!".

The lads rocked and we pulled off a good show, sold lots of copies of the new LP, "
The Worries".

Until Next time,


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Read our guestblog at

See you at the Barfly tonight?


Monday, September 1, 2008

High 5!


Mimas is number one at the Soundvenue High 5 list! Look here:

And more important, vote here:

That would make us happy. And have a listen to the new mogwai song while you're at it. It's different from what they have don before, but I like it.

Speak soon,

Date in Stoke!

Hey everyone.

We are in London and stayin at Edds house. He plays in Prego. A lovely man he is.

We have some news for you!

We've got a gig confirmed in Stoke on Trent on September 8th! So the tour goes like this:

2 Sep 2008 London - The Barfly w/ This Town Needs Guns and Pennines
3 Sep 2008 Bath - Moles - Free entry night!
4 Sep 2008 Oxford - The Cellar
5 Sep 2008 Bolton - Dog and Partridge
6 Sep 2008 Manchester - Dry Bar
7 Sep 2008 Birmingham - The Rainbow
8 Sep 2008 Stoke On Trent - Harrys Bar
9 Sep 2008 Brighton - The Hope
10 Sep 2008 Southampton - Talking Heads W/ Prego
11 Sep 2008 Ipswich - The Swan
12 Sep 2008 Norwich - Norwich Arts Center w/ Pennines