Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mark Linkous

This has saddened me deeply. The only question is why this option was the most appealing to Mark Linkous, widely known as Sparklehorse. As Albert Camus said the suicide should be the very first question philosophy should try to answer. Is this absurd life worth living, after being thrown into it, without any option of saying thanks, but no thanks.

All I know is that Mark Linkous was one of those people that made life worth living by making the beautiful music he created. Thanks so much Mark and rest in peace. The parasites will love now you're dead. And so will I.

It's a wonderful life

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stumbled upon this review!

A review from our Norwich show in September from Outline by Bill Vine:


Let’s not beat about the bush here, Mimas were amazing. For those of you not in the know, Mimas are often plopped into the post-rock genre, though they describe themselves as ‘death-indie’. Whatever you want to call it though, the layered guitars, soaring vocals and occasional bursts of trumpet create a sound that may make you think of bands like Sigur Rós but it’s altogether more cheeky and, whilst a comparison to such other bands is by no means a bad thing, it doesn’t do justice to what Mimas are producing in terms of their own originality. To draw a direct comparison to the one of the other bands from this evening, Mimas’ songs shift across timings much more elegantly than with Shapes and the barrage of noise is altogether more clear somehow. Their use of changing dynamics has a balance that’s verging on being perfect, building you up to a frenzy before letting you down suddenly. It feels like they’re playing with us but in a good way, pulling us one way and then another to follow their every whim. And it works. I was basically entranced from start to finish and, again, they left me wanting more and looking forward to their next visit. The only negative was that, sadly, the new album wasn’t ready for me to buy at the gig but I shall be keeping my eyes and ears open for when it is complete and getting my order in as soon as possible. I suggest that you all do the same.