Friday, June 19, 2009

In Rouen with a really nice cup of coffee!

After leaving Luxembourg we had a five our drive, and I managed to watch all of Apocalypse Now! I love that movie. We made a stop at exactly the same place as we did on the way from Cologne to Amiens! That's so funny! HAH!

So we arrived in Rouen, and we all wanted some kebab so bad. So we bought the worst kebab ever. And we ATE it! Snip! Beautiful. Bad kebas are a part of life like peoples feet or something. But feet get smelly too. But that doesn't mean you just get rid of them. You accept them, like you accepr bad kebabs. And you can just buy a good kebab some other day, so that's actually quite ok! Thanks for the bad kebab Rouen! Thanks!!

So the venue today was really small, but there was a nice atmosphere in there. And we only would need like 30 people and the place would be full. Our friends from Apes Did Ensemble arrived and was really nice to see them again! There was a nice barbeque in the back-yard and it was nice! Really weird sausages though! Totally fucked up. And a totally fucked up dog.

Apes did a nice gig, although they weren't that happy with it. It was very nice to see Alaska Pipeline, who we are playing with today and tomorrow as well. There was a lot of crazy energy on stage.

We played, and it has never ever been hotter onstage. During the last song i wanted to die. We played on the floor, and people stood like a half meter away from us. When I sing, usually there comes some spit out of my mouth, like when there are t's or s's. And so, I spat twice on the same girl. I felt bad, but she said it was ok. I can't imagine being that much fun though. Other than that, the gig was really fun and the place was totally full, 30-40 people or something. And we made them laugh with our jokes and we also played a little snippet of KoRn's 'Blind', to much amusement too this heavy metal dude standing right next to me. He saved my trumpet from falling on the floor. Thanks, heavy metal dude! You rock!

After saying good-buy to Apes we packed our gear and headed for our sleeping place. But not before talking to a guy from Toulouse who wanted us to play at a techno party, and to take some LSD. We got scared and cried a little, but then we all pepp-talked each other and agreed to put that experience behind us. Mentally wounded, we started Satan and drove into the night.

After a nice sleep we're all ready for a new day. We've been served good coffee, bread and stuff, and now we drive to Poitiers.

Much love,


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