Friday, June 12, 2009

Qu'est que ca veut dire, Le Bon Jovi?!

Bonjour Bon Jovi! Comment ca va?

We are in the north of France, in Amiens, in a very big house very the good boys from John Makay live. They are the most polite people we've ever met, so all you haters out there, that think that the french are all about being un-polite, you're wrong! They're nice. Nice, like when you can sleep untill 13.00. We can't. I don't like that.

The gig yesterday, was amazing. It was a nive intimate place, called Le Grand Wazoo, and there was quite a lot of people. I played like shit, but everyone liked that, and bought our CD's and our new T-shirt. So first impression of the french is: they're nice, and it's ok to play mistakes. Does it get better than that? John Makay were completely amazing, so google 'John Makay myspace' and go listen to them I'm to lazy to make an active link. Really sorry. JM are all about the math rock, and they do it so good. The bar owner, Hakim, kept giving us Cognac after the gig, so we got kinda drunk and stuff.

Well, Daniel is waiting for us in Satan, while playing Football Manager, so we better get going, before he comes in here with a machine gun and kills us all, and eats us. Happens in Hamburg.

Next up Liege!

Snævar and the gang of five.

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