Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank you so much Luxembourg! Fisse!


What an amazing day we had yesterday! We woke up in the beuatiful town of Diffadanger (awesome name) of Luxembourg. We woke up to the smell of fresh, strong coffee which we drank way to much of on empty stomache. But it was so good! We decided to find some food very fast, and we did so. After that we did a lot of uninteresting things like, exchange some money, buy coke, walk around... It wasn't really interesting at all. I'm sorry. When I started to write this blog-post I was full of expectations to make it so good. But untill now, it's just shit.. It's shit! I know! I'm sorry, OK?!

We drove to the city of Luxembourg and did a soundcheck. It was good! We got some amazing vegetarian food right next tour, and than bought some ice-creams! Here is what we ordered:

Snævar: Tiramisu and Lemon
Martin: Kiwi, Bacio, Pistacchio
Lasse: Melon, Bacio, Pistacchio.
Daniel: Something like melon, Raspberry, Pistacchio.
Gert: 4 different flavors!!!!!!!!

The gig was so awesome. We had 40 people there and everyone was really responsive, and into the music. It was very nice to see, and people actuallt laughed at all my bad jokes. The Mutinu On The Bounty boys did good work with the promo, and everything turned out really good. Lafa Connected, who supported, were really amazing, and such nice guys to! All in all, a good expierince and we made a lot of good friends. Someone shouted the danish word 'fisse' during the gig, which means something like pussy. I laughed. Hahahah.. Ha!

Now everyone has showered (not together! Not this time) and we're headed for Rouen. Go Satan, you bitch!


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