Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh, my god this apple-pie is amazing.

Yo gangster-bitches! How's y'all!

We're good and sitting in Rennes after eating an amazing meal, and probably the best apple-pie I've ever had. If you're ever in Rennes try hard to find a guy called Florence and then ask to make an apple-pie. Yummi, motherfucker, yummi!

So we've spent the whole day talking like Batman (the Bale Batman), so we all have sore throats by now. But it's really a lot of fun! Like try saying: 'Aw, man. This wig looked alot better in the shop' with a batman voice! Try it! Or say: 'Got damn I hate this kaviar-suit'!

Yesterday was amazing! The drive from Rouen to Poitiers wasn't that interesting. I watched There Will Be Blood. I love that movie. When we got there we were greeted by the nicest man alive, Arno. He showed us the way to the place, which was an intimate pub, very nice. We did a quick soundcheck and then we went for a little walk and saw a beautiful church. We also walked up like 300 steps or something, which definitely was the most stupid thing we've done on this tour. I mean, why? Why the fuck do that? When we got back, after a delicious meal, Alaska Pipeline were getting ready to play and they played really well! There weren't too many people, but it was really nice to see them play again.

Next up were yours truly, and we were all about having a lot of fun. There were about 15 people there, and although there weren't too many there, we decided to really give them a good show. We played a couple of new songs that we hadn't played earlier on the tour and that was a lot of fun. Arno almost single-handedly sang Cats On Fire! He definitely new the lyrics to that! We ended the show with Mac, Get Your Gear. After the gigwe hanged around outside the venue, and Lasse got hit on by a really drunk/high old man. OK, maybe not hit on, but the guy really thought it was very important that Lasse saw his tounge-piercing. And not just see it, but learn every detail of hit! I think he must have stood infront of Lasse for 15 minutes with his tounge out of his mouth, shouting too Lasse: 'Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!' and thena laughing like an insane man every 2 minutes. It was really funny, and he was really funny.

Later on we went to Arnos place and Arno was very tired when we arrived and fell asleep almost immediatly. The rest of us got drunk and danced too the rythms of french radio. It was fantastic! Unfortunatly we got to the point of drunkness where you just drink everything you can find. So poor Arno woke up the next morning and learned that we had drunken a bottle of wine he got from his dad as a present! WE'RE SORRY ARNO!! That was pretty stupid. But it definitely was a really great day and night, a lot of fun! Lasse he also had to climb the wall to the neighbours as our football-game got out of hand. But as he climbed his way back he got really hurt, and smashed his legs into something. Seriously, I've never seen legs that swollen in my life before! Imagine an ordinary leg, and then imagine a leg coming out of the leg! It was fucked up! He's allright today though! We went to sleep around 4 in the morning and Gert and I slepped in the van, and when I woke up there was a lot of coins stuck to my body. Gert and I laughed a little bit, but not too much. Then we looked for the keys to the van for half an hour, only to discover that Lasse had them.

Arno made us coffe, and everyone kissed goodbye, and we were off to Rennes. It's a nice city, and we are treated really well here! Fago.Sepia are putting on this show and we just watched them. They were FANTASTIC if you ask me! Check them out dudes!

Alrighty, we're on in half an hour!


PS: Check this out!

Mimas Videotagebuch - Teil II from BandBase DE on Vimeo.

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