Sunday, June 14, 2009

L'amour..... Paris!

Good morning! We're in Paris, it's awesome! There are really alot of french people! Like really, really many. Beaucoup! But they are all so sweet to us!

I forgot to tell you, in Liège Lasse got attacked by a pink-haired fairy with a dildo! He managed to escape by diverting her with his cunning language by saying something like: 'I don't speak french! Leave me alone!' That was kinda funny.

As mentioned the gig in Liege was totally awesome, but getting the gear out of the place was like the hardest thing ever. There were 200 people gathered in a pretty long room, and we had to get passed everybody. But people were drunk and stuff so they've probably forgotten the comotion and are just worried about why they have bruised around there asses now. We parked the van outside, very illegally and while we were packing the car the police came by! One of them, with a lot of adrenaline pumping around in his tiny little body, started talking for 10 minutes in french, untill we wen't 'UUuuuuhhhhh.... Do you speak english'? To wihich he replied very softly: 'NOO!!! GO AWAAYY!!!'


We arrived in Paris yesterday, at this nice venue in Bastille called 'Le Mechanique Ondulatoire'. Our friends in Apes Did Ensemble were there and took care of us, and protected us from all kind of evil doers and drangons lying around in french dungeons. We did our soundcheck and ate our really nice, homemade food and then all of a sudden... our label manager Pierrick showed up with a smile on his face! It was very nice to finally meet him, now that we've written something like 483 e-mails to each other, each...! So it was really nice and we're meeting him in just half an hour for some café, croissant, baguette and brie. Ahh.. vive la france!

Last nights gig was awesome. Apes Did Ensemble were great, although they had to start early, and there could have been more people during their set. During our set there were more people, and they were really into the gig. Gert and I played on the floor, which gave a really nice intimate feeling. Trés bien. Il fait chaud. Je t'aime.

Alrighty. We better go now, and meet up with monsieur Pierrick Le Roy! We're doing a radio session with Planet Claire at two o'clock today. And after that it's all fun and games, and the eiffel-tower.



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