Friday, June 12, 2009

Nous sommes dans Liége!

Yo, what the fuck is up in the real world?!

We're in Liége, and wow this is a beautiful city. There are beautiful buildings everywhere, statues and all kinds of cool stuff. Martin, (Le Manager, Oui?) is out having a walk, having a look at the beautiful city. He's so priviliged. We have to do a soundcheck and he gets to walk about acting all cool and stuff. Damn. Damn it all to hell.

The venue, L'escalier, is just beautiful, and the promoters are really lovely. There is cool beer (belgian beer wohoo!) in the fridge, and bananas, chips and belgian waffles ad libitum. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome, like!

We're playing tonight with our BSM label-mates 'Mutiny On The Bounty' who are truly amazing, and there is a local band called Keep It Deep, whom I don't know, but I'm looking forward to listen to them.

Today we all took nice long baths at service-station, so we're all fresh and good looking, kinda. You always look lika a shit on tour. Not excatly like a shit, but pretty much like an old bread with a lot of beard, and then bathed in sweat or sea-water. It kinds sucks. Kinda. Yup. Sucks.

Here is how my moustache is looking right now:


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mark_a said...

I love it! It's kind of a John Deer statement, only with beard instead of corn!