Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Now in Köln, also known as Cologne, also known as German Fetish-shop numero uno!

Guten tag! Eine hesclichen shnautzhe!

What is up dudes? We're in Cologne after a pretty long drive. Satan is seriously leaking oil, so we've spent between 50 and 2394 euros on oil today. It's crazy. This is crazy. Who's fucking idea was this? A stupid persons! Stupid!

OK. We're having a good time! We headlined in Berlin yesterday and it was DA BOMB. I was seriously tired (getting old) so I fell asleep backstage while the first band was playing, and I slept all the way through the second bands set, who are called Horrible Trees. Our good friend Christian is in the band, and I was really looking forward to seeing them. I hate falling asleep. It's the worst thing that happens to you. Except maybe if someone dropped their cargo on your food or something, or replaces salt with sugar or something nuts like that. I woke up and ten minutes later we were onstage playing Cats On Fire. There was a really nice crowd, and some people said nice things to us. To our faces and ears. We don't understand german, so they just spoke english. Except this one guy, who spoke danish. That was cool. We had a great time, although the sound on stage was a bit dodgy, to say the least.

We did an interview for the german branch of Bandbase. Check it out, peeps:

We slepped at Christians place and he offered us this whiskey which was nice. I don't remember the name of it. But it could have been something like: 'Whiskey-Whiskey-Woop-Woop'. But probably not.

So I think this jabber was enough for now. We love you, and we miss you.


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The Dead Static said...

hope you've sold lots of shirts to pay for that oil and for repairs!

loving the jabber, keep it up, and enjoy the rest of the tour! :)

love and miss you back :p