Friday, May 29, 2009


Just got the last date confirmed for the tour which will be in a little french city called Poitiers at a venue called Cafe Du Clain with our friends in Alaska Pipeline. The gig is on June 19th, oh yeah.

A little fact about Poitiers: Poitiers was founded by the Celtic Pictones tribe as the oppidum Lemonum before Roman influence. The name is said to have come from the Celtic word for elm, Lemo. (Yes, this was just copy/pasted from wikipedia)

I love cats.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I know..

You guys probably be hate me for not writing here that much. I kind of feel bad about it. So, I've decided that every mondays and fridays will be my blog days! Maybe I won't be blogging twice a week but definitely once a week. Twitter has totally taken over me... Sorry Blogger... Sorry myspace, sorry facebook, sorry official website..

I really had to show you this. A fellow named Carlos made this website, and I think it rules. Our first fan-site, so I really think you should check it out and say hi to Carlos for using his time to promote Mimas to the world. We sure need it :-) Thanks so much Carlos!

Check out our tour schedule by the way!

June 8 Germany - Hamburg Astra Stube

June 9 Germany - Berlin Live At Dot

June 10 Germany - Köln Studio 672

June 11 France - Amiens The Grand Wazoo

June 12 Belgium - Liège L’escalier

June 13 France - Paris Mécanique ondulatoire

June 14 France - Paris Radio Planet Claire Session

June 15 Switzerland - Zurich l The Boschbar

June 17 Luxembourg l D:Qliq

June 18 France - Rouen Captain Tavern

June 19 France - Poitiers TBC

June 20 France - Rennes Le Sambre

June 21 France - Nantes Fête De La Musique

June 22 France DAY OFF

June 23 France - Toulouse Le Cri De La Mouette

June 24 France - Pau- Lons Localypso II

June 25 Spain - Madrid Fotomaton

June 26 Spain - Barcelona, Manrese Sala El Vermell

June 27 Spain - Barcelona Sala InCivíc Zone

June 28 France - Lyon The Sonic

Oh, and you'll have to check out this article about us in the studio, recording vocals for the next album! It's all in danish, but I know you guys can read danish, right!



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh my fucking shit!

Oh yeah! Gert is back from Asia and he's tanned like a motherfucker! We've rehearsed twice as we're playing a gig tomorrow in a small city called Odense. We thought we were playing 30 minutes but found out yesterday we have to do 50! And we're supporting! Gangster shizzle. Well, we're throwing SMOM and Dr. Phil's Retirement in there, and hey I guess we'll just have tell people some more jokes than usual!

The tour is coming up pretty soon, and we're trying to book the last couple of gigs. It looks pretty good though and we're thoroughly excited! I'm just wondering if Satan will live through this one. Speaking of the devil, we're making some new T-shirts at the moment, they're gonna be awesome! Thanks to Battersby for ideas!

Alrighty. More news soon.