Tuesday, June 23, 2009

At last, another update!

Hello dear everyone.

I am sorry we havn't updated you guys the last couple of days, but we've had no internet connection untill today. I’d still love to tell you a little bit about what's been going on the last couple of days, if that's ok?

In the last update we had just watched FagoSepia, who were completely amazing! I loved them so much I almost puked. After them Monsieur Botibol and Alaska Pipeline played and they both did very well! Next up was Mimas-Shizzle and we played 30 minutes of our usual death-grind-core-rap (Le Moustache Formidable, Cats On Fire, Sodapop Stalkers, Dads, SMOM and Mac, Get Your Gear). The lovely people there loved us, and the place was packed. The guys in the bar were also amazing, they did an amazing DJ set and ended (like they always do) the evening with the Ennio Morricones ’A Fistful Of Dollars’, which I love!

When we left I suddenly asked if anyone noticed my computer when packing the van, and no-one did. It was to late to get into the venue and get it, so we had to wait untill the day after when the venue opened again. Bummer. Shate. Fack. What the fuck (sorry for the swearing, mom and grandma, (and Daniels mom too)). We drove to Fago Sepias house and there they, Alaska Pipeline and the people who lived there greated us with whiskey and homemade cherry-vodka. Brutal shit! I ate too much of those cherries, but they were so good. But it was a great night and everyone was so friendly. We all listened to some fantastic music and talked about fellow friends in music. It was a really great night and we went to sleep around 6 in the morning. Beautiful.

Everyone was up around 12:30 and we ate some baguettes and stuff, with some sort of jam. I think it was rhubarb, or something like that. We also drank coffee, lots of coffee. We took some funny pictures of peoples feet and then it was time to leave. It was sad, and some people sat in corners crying, in denial. But we slapped them in the face, and then did some high-fives and everyone was ok. We drove to Rennes to get my stupid computer and then to Saintes were we were supposed to play Fête De La Musique, which is a national music fest. It’s like this: everyone in France who knows how to play an instrument can play at various stages around in the different cities of France. It’s really fun, but there is a lot of bad shit going on… There were pretty horrible bands playing around in the streets.

There was a guy playing in a beautiful red jacket

who was harrased by some drunk,

so when they were done playing he jumped right off the stage to fight the drunk. They got seperated pretty quickly and the police came and picked up the drunk, who oddly enough was really drunk.

We played on a really nice stage in the middle of the city. It was a really beautiful place. There was a big arc of triumph right behind us, a cathedral and a very nice river. It was perfect.

We played really late, like 00:30, but that was ok. All the drunks were somewhere on the bottom of the river and we had a beautiful crowd and the response was really nice. People talked with us for hours after the show, and alot of baguettes were eaten between sentences. A lovely way to end Fête De La Musique. We then drove to La Rochelle with the promoter Steve, and on the way we taught him how to say pussy in danish: fisse, kusse, fjabbe and so on (sorry again mothers). We slepped in his office and we were really tired, and everyone really missing home and girlfriends and of course I also miss Elva.

We woke up on the 22nd of june, and this was our planned day off here at the west coast of France. And it’ just beautiful here. We started the day by getting some breakfast, and of course it was totally cliché with croissants, pain de chokolate and baguettes. As they say… when in rome, do as the romans…! Or something.

After having eaten our breakfast on the harbour of La Rochelle, we went to a really beautiful beach where we hung out and drank some beers and bathed in the beautiful sea. It was just perfect, and totally as I had imagined the day. The weather was perfect, the beach was beautiful and the beer was cold. Daniel, Lasse and I thought it would be a good idea to play some minigolf in the shadow of some trees, after having sun-bathed for two hours. Martin and Gert were too stupid to agree (which means that Martin right now is sunburned all over his body, and has gained the nick-name ’LOBSTER-MAN!’, which isn’t all that bad, as Lobster-man and Batman now are allies. Really cool. The mini-golf court sucked big time. Probably the worst one ever. And I’ve been too maybe two or three, including this one. Horrible. It was all crooked and uneven. Obviously I didn’t win. Daniel did. But he has a golf game for his wii computer at home, so that’s totally unfair. I hate him. I was second and Lasse lost BIG TIME! He was really bad at this game. He was actually ok with the first shots, but as a putter he’s just horrible. But he is a good man. Yessireehh! We went back to the beach and then we headed home for some showers. Once again we showered seperatly.

After the showers we went to a nice restaurant by the harbour and we ate some entrecotes, and Daniel got a hamburger, which wasn’t a hamburger, but just beef with an egg on it. He looked dissapointed. He was also dissapointed by the milkshake he got afterwards. He was also dissapointed in Gert, cause he smoked cigarettes.

After the nice meal we found some beers and got a little bit drunk. Right now we are headed for Toulouse, and it's seriously hot as hell! Speaking of hell, Satan is doing alright! He's a champion.

Speak soon!


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