Sunday, June 7, 2009

And the tour beginns....!

You like the new T-shirt?!

This is it! Tomorrow we jump into our old friend Satan, the Mimas crew with our manager Martin, and head on our first tour around Europe to play some gigs and promote the release of The Worries in France and Spain. We'll be playing some cities I've always wanted to visit and some other amazing cities I've never been to like Zurich, Paris, Madrid and Luxembourg. It's going to be fun! And it's probably going to be hot as hell, as we're driving in a black bus, with no air-con and only the two front windows can be opened.. Yes, that is stupid. But hey, nothing will stand in our way. I've bought a lot of extra socks, underwear and I've bought a season of Family Guy and that show called Taken. Good times.

So I havn't packed anything but I am washing some clothes for the trip. If you guys think of anything really handy to have with you on a very hot trip around Europe please let me know.

I'll try and update this site, and we'll be doing a video-diary at I'm also going to be tweeting like a maniac.

Aight. I'll leave you with this piece of music, cause I can.

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