Thursday, June 25, 2009

Terrible, terrible news.

After a really amazing gig in Pau yesterday, we woke up at six o' clock to drive to Madrid... What happens just 200 kilometers away from Madrid? Satan dies. And he really dies. Our van. Our friend. Our enemy, our beloved and sincerely hated. Satan is no more, and will be left alone in Spain. Everything is looking really, really shitty right now, as we're stuck with all our gear in middle of Spain. I'm drinking ponche and I'm really low on spirit. Things seem so hopeless right now, but I guess they'll be better in the morning. Who knows?

Sooo... this is a really sad blog-post, as it looks like we won't be able to play these 4 last gigs, which I think is really, really sad.

Low on spirit, but with fingers crossed I send you lot's of regards. And if you're one of the beautiful people who wanted to see us tonight we are so, so sorry about this!

Hope you all are better than we are.



The Dead Static said...


this is far, FAR worse than the the death of Michael Jackson

RIP Satan. We'll miss you :(


Fabien said...

Sooo disappointing... I found out about you and your album "The Worries" on monday, i listened to it the whole week and was super excited when i saw you were playing here in Lyon, France !! Sad, sad news... I really hope you'll come again soon !

We're as sad as you :(

Mimas said...

Fabien, we're so sorry about that. We will definitely be back in Lyon! Don't worry. I'm very glad you enjoy the record!

All the best!


Fabien said...

Hope it's for REAL :D OK, see you then :)