Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Y'all wanna single say fuck that!

Here is yet another update from your favorite band, KoRn. No wait Mimas...

Ok, I'm trying to put my head back to when we were in Paris. Obviously we played the gig mentioned in our last blog-post. But we also did a really great radio-session for a french programmme called Planet Claire. They've had some really cool acts doing these live-sessions like Animal Collective, Okkervil River and such.

We agreed with Pierrick, our label-manager, to drive to his place and then catch some croissants and baguettes, and then drive to Planet Claire. Half-way to Pierricks place Satan totally fucked up on us, so poor Pierrick had to walk 2 kilometers where we had parked Satan. We all then had some amazing italian paninis, salads and desserts. That was a fantastic meal. Everyone smiled and Pierrick showed us some nice promo in a magazine. Then everyone smiled a bit more. And then finally when Pierrick handed over like 10 cd's with Distile Records releases, the smiles turned into a miled laughter. It was a beautiful morning, and this day in Paris could only become legendary.

So after Satan had rested, we drove to the Planet Claire radio-session. We met there with a team of really nice people, technicians and the founding member of Planet Claire. We played an hour or so, and everthing sounded really nice. It was like 200 degrees celcius in there, so we all kinda got naked and stuff. I was kinda amazed by how good looking we all are! It's totally amazing!

After the nice sessions everyone kissed and said au revoir to the team, and then we headed out to this completely awesome japanese restaurant, which Pierrick knew of. Everything tasted just like really, really, really great japanese food. You know? We finally had the chance of being tourists and saw the Eiffel tower. It was a really nice evening and we ended the whola thing with a nice beer in the city of l'amour. It was great finally to be able to get to know Pierrick from Distile Records better, and we're so looking forward to come back to Paris.

We had an ok sleep but we needed to drive to Zürich right away, as it took like eight hours or something to drive! It was a tough one, but we just made it. The landscapes were just mindblowing. I've personally never been to either France or Switzerland, so it was such a good experience to see all these beautiful forrests, castles, churches and so on. When we arrived in Zürich we were greeted by a fellow named Roman, who booked us to play. He was an amazing dude, and gave us all the beer we could drink, pizzas and ordered us to play more songs after the set! People in Zürich were really into our stuff. We didn't plan any encores, so we played a very new song, which kinda went wrong in the end, and then Dr. Phils Retirement. After that the place turned into 1993 and people danced like crazy to some 90's hits. It was bizarre, but yet beautiful. While we were packing the gear into the van, the police came by and told us to move the van. Daniel told them yeah, but we just needed to get the last stuff from the venue. The police replied: Are you drunk!? Are you high?!. Which we weren't. We explained that we were musicians and that we just played a gig. Then all of a sudden everything was OK. They didn't even care about all the hookers standing right next us. I also think the police probably were pretty high.

We slepped at Romans place. Martin and I slepped in Satan, but Martin couldn't find his sleeping bag, so he couldn't sleep. I tried to sing him lullabies and gave him warm milk. But nothing worked. He only got two hours of sleep. Poor chap. Poor, poor man.

We drove to Luxmbourg the next day, and after having several breaths taken away from us by watching the beautiful landscapes onece again, we made a stop at the beautiful city of Colmar! It was so charming! I loved every part of it. We went for some pretty crispy pizza and café au lait. While Gert, Daniel, Martin and I were cheking out the beautiful city, Lasse was getting his hair cut by some beautiful lady. He now looks a little less like Sting in the movie Dune. But just a little less.

We arrived in Luxembourg at Sachas (mutiny on the bounty) place and were greeted by a group of very nice people. Lasse, Daniel, Gert and I had to leave immedietly though, as we really wanted to see KoRn playing! Sacha was doing the light, and he did an amazing job. Something KoRn failed to do. They played all the wrongs songs, and it wasn't really convincing. But hey, they make a lot of money, so what the fuck. I like trains though, they're really cool. And fast.

We all had a really nice sleep, and we are playing in Luxembourg tonight. It's gonna be great, as we're playing with an amazing band called Lafa Connected!

See on the next blog-post. Aight, shizzle, and the bizzle, gangsta bitch, Snap! Crackle.


PS: No pictures at the moment, as the internet connection here is really slow :-)

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