Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mr. Big Scary Monster and the lovely Gemma came to visit.

What a great week. I just went on vacation yesterday and I'm looking forward to going to Roskilde Festival on monday! Can't wait to hear such great bands as Battles, Fuck Buttons, Mogwai, Yeasayer, and of course:

Monday and Tuesday we had Kevin Douch from Big Scary Monsters Records and his lovely girlfriend Gemma on visit here in Århus. It was so great to finally meet them both, although we also met Gemma at our last gig in Oxford. We've been in touch with Kev for some time now, and it's great to see that he actually is a great guy!

The first thing they were 'forced' to do after meeting up with us was eating a 'ristet med det hele':

And after enjoying a drink at the local pub seven shots of this were placed on our table:

Nobody enjoyed it.

Wedensday we played a couple of new songs for them at our rehearsel studio, and then we went to Gerts place and made some meatballs and potatoes for them. With asians.....

Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and I can't wait to see more of them.

Here is a picture:

So... see you at Roskilde Festival?


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some pics

Hey girls,

here are some pics from our last gig, when we played with Jeniferever. It was a good night. (The photographer liked Snævar)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New post

Hello guys.

I wanted to post a new post. Or post a new blog. Or blog a new post. Or blog a new blog...

So we are kind of happy having this break from playing gigs, it gives us some time to concentrate about writing new material. We're working on a song at the moment, but we don't really know what to name it. We've had suggestions such as 'Straighting out Lesbos' and 'Jeg giver den max gas' but for some reason they don't cut it. I don't know why! I was wondering if you would take a listen to this very short clip and write your suggestion(s) in the comment box. The video is from our rehearsel room and we're trying to hide. What you CAN see is an old stanley k poster. Here goes:

The song is about our inner stalker. Yes, we all have one.

I also wanted to tell you that we are talking to 'The Silent Ballet' about putting Cats on Fire on their next compilation. We like that very much, as we love them. They wrote this review on Hands Will Carry. Good times. We'll keep you updated, yes we will.

Much love.

Snævar x

Friday, June 6, 2008

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gaffa wrote this artile about us. They're not lying. (in danish)

Det danske death-indie-band udkommer i det britiske til september

Af Michael José Gonzalez

Det sfæriske danske indie-band Mimas har just færdigindspillet deres debut-album, og forventer at udgive det i Storbritannien i løbet af efteråret. I forbindelse med udgivelsen tager bandet på en 14 dages release tour, som bringer dem til de største engelske byer.

Tibage i november 2005 tog Mimas til England for at dele 500 gratis promoer ud til to forskellige koncerter. Den ene af cd’erne landede i hænderne på ejeren af selskabet Worst Case Scenario Records, som ønskede at lave en single kontrakt med Mimas. Nummeret ”Thought Discuss” blev herefter udgivet via selskabet på en 7" split vinyl.

En anden af de 500 cd'er landede i hænderne på frontmanden i den engelske gruppe Prego, Ed Simpson, hvis kæreste arbejder for europas største musik webzine Drowned in Sound.

Kevin Douch fra pladeselskabet Big Scary Monsters Records hørte om Mimas fra parret, og selskabet spurgte bandet om de havde lyst til at bidrage med et nummer på deres halvtredsindstyvende udgivelse, som er en compilation bestående af 50 MP3'er med bands som selskabet har fået øjnene op for.

Efter en tredje tour i det britiske er Mimas nu sidst i forhandlingerne om en pladekontrakt med et endnu unavngivet selskab omkring udgivelse af bandets debutalbum i hele Storbritannien til september.