Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We're in motherflippin' Berlin!

Although it took us like 7 hours to get here from Hamburg (What's up with that?). We had a good time in the van though. Martin, Daniel and I made some really nice poems about corn and other stuff. Yesterday we drove by a guy that was really messed up and he gave us the finger (you know, the fuck sign). So that was kind of weird. Other than that Hamburg was really awesome. The staff was extremely nice to us and made all kinds of sandwiches and were talkative. The support band Faraday played a very nice gig, and I guess we had some 40 people in there (capacity was 60), and they enjoyed our gig and we had to play an encore and stuff, which never happens. At all. Ever. Uh uh.

Casper (our friend from Århus who once did something pretty dirty and weird while driving a truck) is driving the van for these dates. He drinks our beer, and smokes all the time and calls us names, just not our names. Satan and him are getting along ok, although I don't know what it means in car-ish when a windshield-wiper starts malfunctioning? Anyone?

The soundcheck is now over, and it was interesting. The venue is really awesome. We just did an interview and we sound so stupid. The asked us to do an acoustic song, so we played a little bit of the middle part in Dads. It was..... also... interesing.

I'm gonna get some food. I'm dying here.


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Esben said...

hey! 'Gratz med den lidt vilde tour i lige pludseligt skal på! :D

- jeg har forøvrigt lyttet jeres CD til ukendelighed nu. Den har erstattet min ellers favorit blackmetal cd, som værende den mest spillede!