Monday, November 3, 2008

We're now signed to Distile Records!

Hello faithful blog readers.

We can now tell you that Mimas has signed to the very lovely, french, indie-label Distile Records! This means that Distile Records will be releasing our album 'The Worries' in Europe in February 2009 (except the UK and Denmark) We must say that we feel very lucky to be signing to Distile, and now having some good teams backing the band up regarding promotion and distribution in Europe. We will be going on our first European tour on the summer of 2009, and we are really looking forward to it!

Lots of love.


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Carlos :: Make Speaking Fun said...

Congrats on the Distile signing!

With this fantastic news coming hot on the heels of signing to Big Scary Monsters and releasing "The Worries" in the UK and Denmark, it all sounds very promising! I hope signing to Distile proves to be a fruitful relationship for you both!

Looks like 2009 is set to be a very interesting year for Mimas!