Sunday, November 2, 2008


I just wanted to thank everyone who came down to our gig in Århus yesterday. We had a really good time, and we felt that we shared that feeling with you. Both my mom and Daniels mom came to see us play! Also a big thank you to Carlos, who came all the way from London, England to see us play. Now thats cool! He was also so very kind to introduce us to this amazing artist:

You can definitely expect to hear a lot of inspiration from this guy in the next Mimas album. Definitely.

Well. We have some cool news coming your way soon. I hope you all are feeling good, and America: Remeber to vote!


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Carlos :: Make Speaking Fun said...

Hey Mimas,

After threatening to do so for quite a while now, it was awesome to finally fly over and see you guys play an ace set on home turf!

It was also great to get a taste of Danish culture - Aarhus style!

I look forward to seeing you guys back in London in 2009!