Sunday, November 30, 2008

Los Marachas

1: You're in a dark room, only lit with three red lights and a screen with Halloween rolling over it. The main theme from the movie fills the room.

2: Three people or on a stage against just about 40 effect pedals. A drummer is carried on stage by a big, bearded man. They're taped together with gaffa.

3: The members are all dressed in shorts and one of them is wearing a Darth Vader mask.

4: The next 45 minutes your ears will be pierced by the sound, loudness and noise coming from these four individuals. Every single note and beat are improvised. By the end of the concert both your ears will be bleeding.

5: You were at the Los Marachas concert in Århus yesterday.

Lasse and I play in Los Marachas along with Leif n from January Jaunt and Casper G formerly in stanley k.

And now a list over the pedals:

Snævar uses:

T-Rex Replica

T-Rex Mudhoney
T-Rex Compa-Nova Compressor
Big Muff Pi
Boss DD3
Boss RC20 Loop station
Boss RV-5 Reverb
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Boss DD20 Giga Delay
Fender Tuner
Digitech Whammy (Kindly lended by Daniel Malling Beck)

Casper uses:

MXR 10-Band Graphic EQ
T-Rex Mudhoney
EHX Big Muff
Boss CS-3
Empress Super Delay
Dunlop Wah
Boss DD3
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Korg Tuner
Boss DD-5
MG Pedals - That's Echo Folks (with pigs-tail)
EHX Holier Grail


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