Thursday, November 13, 2008

Full moon.

It's full moon and it's staring right at me. It's saying 'Blake! Stop doing that Blake! It's not funny!' But I'm not Blake. I don't even look like Blake. At all. Look at the picture. It's not me. THATS Blake. Not me Mr. Moon.

I bought the danish music magazine Soundvenue 30 minutes ago. It has a review of our record in it. I've mentioned the review before, it's not the best one we've got, but I bought the magazine anyway. I also bought two cokes. The price was over a 100 danish kroners! Stupid! Well... I'm looking forward to read a bit about Deerhoof, Deerhunter and Annuals. And drinking coke. And listening to a very rhough recording I did of a new song we made today. It's a very special feeling leaving the rehearsel studio after having created something with your fellow bandmember that you're really happy about. It's actually not very far from the three bands I just mentioned, if you put in a bit of Animal Collective in as well. And of course... not to forget... the always inspiring... Sigur Rós... and Mogwai (that was a joke). The song might end up being called 'Growing A Moustache In Your Apartment' or 'Throwing A Moustache In Your Apartement'. Whatever you like best. So we're working on six songs at the moment and it's much fun. We really want to start recording some bass and drum tracks in February but we can't really say if we'll have enough songs for an album at that point, but we're going to do our best.

We have a christmas gig in Århus on December 13th at Studenterhuset. We might play a new song or two! As some sort of a christmas present! Can you feel the spirit?! Jesus! Show up!

We're now booked through 5ive Roses Press in Europe, and they will be putting together a big tour for us in June 2009 which will take us to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. We can't wait. And hopefully we'll be able to sort some dates out for you english.

Gangster. And now to a metal recommendation:


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