Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm listening to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Theme right this moment.

Hey fellas.

We just woke up in Glasgow and Lasse is now washing the filth away from his body. We're just about getting ready for a little trip to a distillery, where we're gonna try out some nice whiskey! Chris, the promoter from yesterday works there as a guide, so that'll be awesome! Better not drink to much though!

The last couple of days have been awesome! We ate a beautiful english breakfast at the Copper Kettle with Annie Catwoman (although Daniel had a soup and a salad, gay).

We hugged Annie and said goodbye, and drove our way to Leeds. I think we listened to Aerogramme on the way. We played with Shapes in Leeds and also Dead Spex and Blacklisters who all were awesome. The singer from Blacklisters looked like he was going to kill someone, but eventually he did not do that. Everyone was quite satisfied with that. We had a fantastic time onstage, and apparently there was a lot of people who knew the lyrics to our song. I fell over Lasses drumkit during the outro in Cats On Fire. No one got hurt though. Lucky. People were filming the gig and I have no idea why!

Ah shit, I don't have time to write more, the boys want to go and drink some whiskey! Ah, Scotland I love you!


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