Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sin Fang Bous

Hey everyone. Hope you're all well. I havn't entertained you with some blabber in a while, so I thought now is the time!

I've been on holiday in Iceland to visit my family and show my kid to them and such. And of course to try and fully heal after our european tour + Roskilde Festival. So a lot of good food, relaxing and some very fresh air did the trick. It was also quite nice that I could afford to buy some stuff up there. Usually if I wanted to buy a CD up there I'd have to pay double of what I normally do, this time it was half. Natrually because of the very bad shape of the icelandic krona. Bad for the inhabitans, but good for me. So I bought Hjaltalín, Ólafur Arnalds and the amazing 'Sin Fang Bous' who I'm listening to non stop these days. You shold really try to give him a listen: (Oh yeah, we're all about the myspace!). I also bought some seasons of Family Guy and a good deal of 'Brennivín' which is like the icelandic schnaps, also known as 'The Black Death'. It's gorgeous.

Although I was supposed to relax and bath in the hot springs and stuff, I did a little work on a small UK tour in October. I'd love to tell you about the gigs, but I'm gonna wait till everything is confirmed. I'll announce it shortly though. Oh, and the London gig in August is cancelled, I'm afraid. The promoters kinda changed the conditions all of a sudden. So the 14th is on in Brighton again at The Freebutt. Sorry London-people.

Gert and I will be at Kenns place to listen to our recordings, record some backing vocals and mix a little bit. I can't wait to get started working on the record again. Good times.

More Sin Fang Bous:


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John Henry Newton said...

glad all is well, shame about the London gig but i hope to catch you live soon. I have a blog about my artwork it would great if you could check it out at

really liking Sin Fang Bous, great animation in the video.