Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hey boys and girl(s?)!

OK! Our dear Kevin Douch has convinced us to join twitter! So if you're hanging out there please join us for some niiiiiice conversations!

It's all good fun!

In other news our dear friend leif n (yes lower case letters!) has started booking a little tour for Mimas and his band January Jaunt in may. It's now confirmed we'll be playing in Odense on the 14th of may at Posten. Besides us and January Jaunt the lovely people in The William Blakes will be performing as well. It should be a really good night!

We'll start recording the drums for the next album next friday! Ridicoulus! We are in the middle of arranging the last song before hitting the studio. It will be called 'Man-Flu' and is about when we men get the flu, but all it is is a cold. But still we just need to relax at home... not lifting a finger...

Hope you guys are enjoying life! If not, just watch this really stupid fight!

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