Friday, February 13, 2009

Do you want The Worries in a nice digipack?

Hello you!

Like the image in the top of this site? I spent hours and hours to put that together. I think it came out beautifully! Really, really well! No?

Pierrick down at Distile Records just got our album from the manufacturor, and says the album is looking very nice! If you didn't know, the little CD sits in a tray wrapped in a nice 6 panel digipack and comes with a little booklet. Cool, huh? You can actually pre-order it right here for only 10.90 euros! Aaaaah yeah!


You should listen to the new Big Scary Monsters podcast! Why, you ask? Well. You can listen to some new really great artists such as Copy Haho and Shoes And Socks Off and old ones such as Meet Me In St Louis. You can also listen to a little snippet of the cover we made of This Town Needs Guns wonder-song '26 Is Dancier Than 4' which has been re-named '26 Is Danish For 4'! Click the image and it'll take your itunes to the podcast, or download here.

Is that news enough for ya?? (I havn't checked for spelling errors....)


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