Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Silent Ballet compilation! That's right!

What is up? I'll tell you that!

Our song Cats on Fire is represented on the new 'The Silent Ballet' compilation. The compliation is released in co-operation between the post-rock webzine 'The Silent Ballet' and the lovely 'Lost Children Net' label and it's availible for download right here.

The Silent Ballet have previously released compilations including The American Dollar and worriedaboutsatan. They've also reviewed our first release ' Hands Will Carry'. You can read the review right here.

Other than that I can tell you that Roskilde Festival was great! Especially Radiohead, Batlles and Fuck Buttons blew me away! Come with us next year and we'll make a mimasblogblogblog camp! That goes for you to Daniel!



Anonymous said...

But Youre not going next year Snævar


Snævar said...

I'm not? Are you? Are we? Is he/she?

Anonymous said...

how was slayer? hahaha

Mimas said...

I only heard one song... It was loud and I was drunk!

Anonymous said...

but at least you left with all your limbs still attactched, which is a rare thing at a slayer gig

Anonymous said...

ah, i can't spell anymore

i meant attached