Sunday, November 29, 2009

Recording the final pieces for the next Mimas and Tapas records.

Dear loved ones.

We're sitting here in a studio in the world. And it's such fun. Daniel and Gert are talking about Sams Bar, Lasse is making a plan for Mimas in 2010, and Kenn is seriously just wasting our time. I am doing a much needed update on this blog, and I've also worked on the design. Isn't it beautiful? I've been thinking about having more pink though.

I wanted to tell you guys that we are playing two gigs on England in December. We've been asked to support Slaraffenaland, and we couldn't say no. So this means we'll be playing these mtwo dates, if that's ok with you:

December 9th: Brighton, Freebutt w/ Slaraffenaland, Crowns On The Rats Orchestra
December 10th: London - Camden, Proud Galleries w/ Slaraffenland, Sparky Deathcab

That's gonna be fun! We'll be meeting our good friends in Crowns On The Rats Orchestra and good people in London. Can't wait.

So, we're about to record the last bits for the record. Two really new songs, that don't really sound like anything we've done before, so we think it's really fun. Lasse, Daniel and I are just about to record drums, and the set up is crazy!

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Antonio said...

I can't wait my friends