Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We're home from a little trip!

We've been on a little trip and I'd like to tell you a little bit about it, if that's alright with you?

Some time back our danish agent booked us to support an american band from Beverly, Massachusetts in Århus and Copenhagen, and our german agent, Robert, booked us to play with Sunset Rubdown from Montreal, Canada. We were well excited to be supporting these fantastic bands! I had never personally seen Caspian live, but Lasse and I saw Sunset Rubdown in Århus in April. That gig was of course mind-blowing.

Around four o'clock we met and (mac) got our gear, and drove to Studenterhuset in Århus. Having played there three times this year with the same engineer, we were comfortable with the fact that we weren't getting a soundcheck, as there were 5 bands playing today. Soundchecks are for pussys. Instead we went straight to the backstage room where we found 6 american dudes all dressed rather dark. Everyone shook hands and I was surprised by the fact they were all names Joe, Johnny, Justin and so on. That was pretty funny. But I didn't laugh cause I didn't want to make anyone sad or anything like that. Pretty soon everyone realized that we all were into foozball/tabel football, so for the next hours we kicked Caspians ass so bad. They were not happy about that at all, and told us we were ugly (just kidding). Everyone had lots of fun.
Around 10 pm we had to get up on stage and play for the 350 people who had shown up. I found out that I had forgotten my guitar and that was probably one of the stupidest things I've done since I turned 20. Damn.. Well, luckily I could borrow one from from the band who played before us, Sky Architects, who are wonderful people! We played a good show, and really enjoyed playing in our hometown. My grandmothers showed up! Fucking awesome.
After our set, Caspian played a great concert! It was nice and loud! Then we all got semi-drunk (apart from me, I was completely drunk), and had a good time before we all fell asleep.

The day after we got our rental car, which costed just about as much as my guitar for the two days we rented it. I hate Denmarks prices on rental cars. Hate. We quickly drove to Copenhagen, but not before we got ourselves som apples, hot-dogs, burgers and a disgusting german pudding or something... Jesus, that was terrible. When we arrived at Lille Vega in Copenhagen we met our homies in Caspian there but no one was home. So we all went and got really high somewhere and bought dogs that we killed, and we wore their skin. Then we went back to the venue (this was just a lie). The venue is really beautiful, as some of you might know. We had such a good times with Caspian backstage. I showed them the new Rammstein video for instance, and everyone was really surprised by the amount of porn in it. I told them that was pretty normal in Europe, and they believed me. I also bonded with Justin Forrest when we found out about our mutual love for Look Mexico.

The first band Shaking Sensations were good. They played instrumental post-rock and had some really nice melodies. They were kind enough to lend us their amps and drum kit. We played pretty well, and got a very good response from the 200+ crowd. Definitely the best gig we've played in Copenhagen so far. After the gig Caspian told us to go on tour with them in the US. Why not? They played a really good gig, and I tried to film it but wasn't allowed by the venue :-( After the gig we kissed backstage and started packing all the gear into our small station-car. Before parting everyone hugged each other and some cried, not me though. We drove straight home to our friend Nikolaj, who had made beds for us (amazing) and got a 5 hour sleep. After waking up Lasse and Gert found some coffee and croissants and we all enjoyed that really much.

We drove to the ferry in Rødby, which was supposed to take us to Puttgarten. And it did. The ferry was supposed to be called King Albert or something, but it wasn't. We had some really expansive food on the ferry. Nothing special happened on that ferry. Oh wait! It was possible to buy a 'travel-vagina' in the mens room. No one did though.

We arrived in Germany and drove for some hours untill we stopped for a little break. We bought water, nuts and stuff but the line to the counter was just seriously slow! Daniel said something like 'it's because of all these old people!', and then he told us a joke: 'what's ten meter long and smells like piss? Chain-dance at a senior-home!' Everyone laughed. Later Lasse told us that all the old people in that line were danish. Fail.

We arrived at Magnet Club in Berlin and we were early. Next to the venue there was a restaurant, and they served sushi! Really cheap and good sushi! Win! We ate some of that and then we loaded our gear. At the venue we met Robert, our german booking agent, and he was such a happy kid! Awesome dude with ginger hair just like Lasse. We bonded a bit and had some of these HUGE fucking apples. They were mean and heavy. Imagine a watermelon just 10 times smaller or something.

Our heroes in Sunset Rubdown arrived and were nice and a little bit talkative as well. They did they're soundcheck really fast, and we did ours even faster. That soundguy at the Magnet Club was really incredible. Fuck man. Insane. We played at 9 pm and it was lot's of fun! It was so dark on stage I couldn't even see Lasse!
The crowd was great, and everyone was really, really listening! There were about 150-200 people there not even a single person talked during the quiet trumpet lines in Dads. So they were really nice to us. We played 35 minutes, and I was really looking foreward to see Sunset Rubdown. We packed our stuff together and had a couple of beers backstage. Their gig was of course amazing. Spencer Krug even asked the crowd to give us a hand for our show. For me personally that was pretty cool!

After the gig it was time to go home, we had a 6 hour drive ahead of us...! We said goodbye to Sunset Rubdown, Robert and his girlfriend and Daniel drove for over 4 hours! Well done man. Lasse and Gert took the rest of the trip. We were home around 7 am, and I'm guessing everyone went to sleep right away!

Great weekend! And finally we can start focusing on the album again!

Hope everyone is well!


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