Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love spring

It's definitely the best time of year!

It's very sunny here in Denmark and we're really looking forward to getting Gert back home with us! We kind of miss playing music and doing gigs and touring.

We've been busy recording the new songs though. So far we've recorded drums, bass, guitars and trumpets. So we're doing some vocals soon and will be doing some additional horns and strings. And of course all the choir and shouting when Gertie boy gets back from his elephant love trip.

As you might know The Worries is soon to be released in France and Belgium. On April 23rd to be exact. The first reviews have been very positive. If you're from France or read french, go ahead and take a look. (Download the magazine) (Download the magazine)

So we're happy with how the album is doing this far in France and Belgium. We'll probably post more shit here soon.

We might be uploading a live video from our last gig here in Århus soon. So kee your eyes peeled!

Oh, check out Good Old War. Mmmmm..


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