Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BSM '09 collection!

A message from our lovely record label:

We're delighted to announce the launch of our '2009 Collection', a series of four compilation CDs featuring new, rare, unreleased, live and remixed tracks from the BSM roster. Each CD is limited to just 365 date stamped copies and will be released seasonally, with the Spring Collection kicking things off in February. The compilations will be sold separately for £5 each or you can subscribe to the whole series for £15 and receive a free collectors edition tin to hold all of the discs (photos coming soon), as well as other gifts and promotions through the course of the year.

Spring Collection is now available to pre-order and features 14 tracks including Mimas performing a wonderful cover of This Town Needs Guns hit, '26 Is Dancier Than 4', who return with 'Japanese Ultra Violence', a track which is previously unreleased in the UK. Other highlights include a massive dance remix of Pulled Apart By Horses, an exclusive album demo from Blakfish (as well as a track featuring members of the band singing a 'lounge' medley of Tubelord songs down the phone!), a brilliant old demo recording from Meet Me In St Louis, album/EP tracks from new boys Copy Haho, Wintermute and The Tupolev Ghost and loads more. As an added bonus, there are also two live videos including PABH and Blakfish playing some massive covers at a house party back in December. Most of these recordings won't be found anywhere else.

When purchasing/subscribing, let us know your preferred date and we'll do our best to stamp your CD(s) accordingly. The 'Summer Collection' will be released in May so look out for news and tracklistings for that one nearer the time.

Spring Collection (ETA: Feb)

01. Copy Haho - Pulling Push-Ups (EP track)
02. Greatest Hitz - Drink Up And Good Health (Sam Blakfish solo track)
03. Mimas - 26 Is Danish For 4 (unreleased TTNG cover)
04. Pulled Apart By Horses - I Punched A Lion In The Throat (Richmanu remix - unreleased)
05. The Tupolev Ghost - Diagrams (currently unreleased demo)
06. Shoes And Socks Off - Throwing Opinions At Walls (unreleased The Robot Vs cover)
07. Wintermute - Bad Company In A Sauna (currently unreleased album track)
08. Native - What Are You Dylan In My House? (unreleased in the UK)
09. Shapes - The Escapologist (unreleased demo)
10. This Town Needs Guns - Japanese Ultra-Violence (unreleased in the UK)
11. Boat To Row - Autumn Glow (unreleased demo)
12. Meet Me In St Louis - Corey Feldman (long sold out demo track)
13. Blakfish - Shit On My Face And Tell Me I'm Simon Cowell (unreleased album demo)
14. Colourfish - Tubelounge (unreleased phone recording)
15. Pulled Apart By Horses - The Crapsons (live video)
16. BSM House Party video - Blakfish and PABH playing live covers

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