Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey everyone. We'll be playing a gig in Århus this saturday, and as always we'd love to see you there for some nice headbanging and devilhorns. Or just some friendly conersation and more or less good music. We'll be selling our T-shirts there (there are only 30 left and we will not be pressing them again. If you want one, buy here at our myspace).

We'll be playing a new song on saturday called SMOM. It's about all the stepmothers that have been whores and have had sex with both father and sons. Sorry to surprise you!

I hope everyone is well in these juletides.


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DINO said...

Hi .. Snævar

i posted about Mimas's ablum in Chinesse, and i'm very happy that you drop by and left a comment..

the content of this article is
"i just like the way u call the way of death indie.
it's more related to yr guys' voice.

do u know about the group"Beirut"? from my point of view,
both of u are very good at creating atmosphere of music,
although u r two kinds of style.

i have studied in Norway about 2 and half years.
i'm very pound of being in there to enjoy the culture of Scandinavia, and
also very curious the way to make music and design."