Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tour diary 1 - Guest blog by Andreas

Well, we all arrived safely in London, had our first full English breakfast and played the first show. Since we all arrived a good full day before the first show the anticipation was high, but since it isn't the first time in the UK for Mimas, we quickly got into the routine. Schwarzenegger qoutes, fart jokes, lots of coca cola and some tricky navigation through all the narrow one-way streets of London.

BSM (Big Scary Monster) had setup a great evening at The Barfly, four bands; Colours, Mimas, Pennines, and This Town Needs Guns. The show was great, there were lots and lots of people and everyone seemed to really enjoy the evening. Though the venue turned into a bloody sauna very quickly, and like Gert said, "Thats just a good thing as it is because of all the people who've come to see us!".

The lads rocked and we pulled off a good show, sold lots of copies of the new LP, "
The Worries".

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