Saturday, June 14, 2008

New post

Hello guys.

I wanted to post a new post. Or post a new blog. Or blog a new post. Or blog a new blog...

So we are kind of happy having this break from playing gigs, it gives us some time to concentrate about writing new material. We're working on a song at the moment, but we don't really know what to name it. We've had suggestions such as 'Straighting out Lesbos' and 'Jeg giver den max gas' but for some reason they don't cut it. I don't know why! I was wondering if you would take a listen to this very short clip and write your suggestion(s) in the comment box. The video is from our rehearsel room and we're trying to hide. What you CAN see is an old stanley k poster. Here goes:

The song is about our inner stalker. Yes, we all have one.

I also wanted to tell you that we are talking to 'The Silent Ballet' about putting Cats on Fire on their next compilation. We like that very much, as we love them. They wrote this review on Hands Will Carry. Good times. We'll keep you updated, yes we will.

Much love.

Snævar x


Dick Turpin said...

Måske I skulle slå de to forslag sammen til: Jeg giver den max gas straighting out lesbos, eller Lesbos giver den max gas.
Eller Walker - Texas stalker

Anonymous said...

call it "Chinese Democracy" haha

Anonymous said...

HAHA!! Good one Daniel.

S x