Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hudson in Aliens is girly

Hey everyone.

A lot og stuff happening in Mimas land. We've been playing some gigs this month, supporting Menomena at Voxhall being the highlight. Voxhall is just an amazing venue, especially when it's full. We did well we think. We played 'Treehouse', 'Mac, Get Your Gear', 'Touring the Riot Scene' (new song), 'Dads' and 'Cats on Fire'. We actually did some recordings on these songs. Watch a video of 'Touring the Riot Scene' right here:

Andreas Sørensen, our VJ, did an immense work on this one if you ask us!

We mastered our record yesterday boys and girls! Do you know what that means?! Yes you do! Morten Bue did the master, which we are really happy about! And of course Ole Gundahl did such a beautiful piece of work on the mix! THANK YOU!

Here is a couple of pics from the mastering session in Copenhagen.

Well. I guess I'll write you some more news soon. Take care.


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