Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday evening..

I've just been watching some of the X-files episodes from season 5, which made me log on to to catch up on some rumours about the new X-files movie. Chris Carter, who cowrote and directs the movie said recently: "This is really a continuation of the series, imagining how the characters' lives have evolved," explains Carter, who cowrote and is directing the movie. "It's a stand-alone story that owes everything to the series, but not the mythology of the series. What we'll be dealing with is government-based as far as the conspiracy goes, but expect this not to be a revisitation [of the show's convoluted conspiracy.]" As a fan of the series I am very exited about this!

Well. Enough jabber from me. Bandwise we'll be doing some choir stuff tomorrow. This is the last thing we'll be recording! We'll start mixing in the beginning of February. Yessss.....


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