Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This is it! (Not the Michael Jackson one)

We've just packed the van. Lasse has of course forgot the Satellite Navigator, so they guys are driving back to his place at the moment. I'm writing people that they don't have to worry about lending us a guitar-amp in London, cause we actually fitted mine into the car! Sometimes Gerts packing skills completely surprise me! Actually they amaze me. I'm amazed by them.

So I think that it's pretty clear that we will be driving to the nearest supermarket to buy things we really don't need. Although we will probably be buying things we do need. Like sodas, crisps/chips, chokolate, pudding, apples. Just the most essential things. Maybe some mens magazines with girls and weapons in them.

Well, I better go now. Can't wait to be in England again. Watch this space loves.


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